Loasis ロアジス

Loasis Japan

At Loasis Japan we develop global brands across a wide range of fields focusing on products that enrich pets’ lives.

All the products we handle are in accordance with Loasis Japan product policy.

  1. Articles which are beneficial to life (people, animals, nature)
  2. Articles related to traditional products and crafts, Japanese and foreign
  3. We aim to obtain organic certification for all products

In addition to the above 3 basic principles, we are determined to market products which we recognize as having social value in virtue of their meeting the following conditions:

  • Products made with 100% natural materials
  • Products that do not contain genetically modified materials
  • Products that do not contain additives
  • Products made with organically-produced agricultural products
  • Products made according to the principles of fair trade
  • Products that do not contain petroleum-based surfactants
  • Products that do not contain synthetic dyes
  • Products that do not contain synthetic preservatives
  • Products that do not contain synthetic oils
  • Products whose development / manufacturing did not involve animal testing

Our Brands


Hard-as-bone gums and treats for dogs that are made exclusively from cheese and which are carefully crafted by hand using the milk of yaks and cows raised in the Himalayas above 4,000 meters of altitude.
Winner of the 2017 Social Products Award

For more information see here (Japanese)


100% organic, safe and secure pet food that has obtained the prestigious Bioland organic certification of Germany, a pioneer in organic standards. We promote these products in strict conformity to the ideas of Ms. Fohmann, founder of Terra-pura, as their exclusive distributor in Asia.

For more information see here (Japanese)

Loasis SPA

Alcohol-free body care sprays made only from vegetable materials and shampoos that leave the hair smooth and silky and that do not contain petroleum-based cleansing agents.
They are available for dogs and cats in a variety of aromas and have moisturizing, nutritional and aroma therapy-related relaxing effects.

Loasis SPA
For more information see here (Japanese)

VegeFru Organic

100% organic-certified dog cookies that are safe and reliable. Small-grain snacks that come in a wide array of flavors and are also ideal for training your pet.

VegeFru Organic
For more information see here (Japanese)

Wet Nose

Barley-based nutritious and healthy cookies that contain absolutely no meat or fish. These snacks have obtained organic certification in the USA and have a very cute appearance too. Recommended also for dogs suffering from allergies.

Wet Nose

Company Profile

Company name
Loasis Japan Co.,Ltd.
Established in
July 2010
Representative Director (CEO)
Masako Okada (MBA at Waseda University Graduate School/ Director of Organic Pet Life Association/Dietician)
Special Adviser
Koichi Yanagi (Former professor at Waseda University Graduate School)
Hironori Higashide (Professor at Waseda University Graduate School)
Tetsuya Oi (Lawyer: TMI Associates)
External Advisor
Kaori Matsumoto (Veterinarian)
Jiyugaoka Main Store
2-8-2 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0035
TEL + 81 (0) 3-6362-2095
FAX + 81 (0) 3-6730-1678
Yokohama Office
Prime Tower Yokohama 8F, 89-6 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0023
TEL + 81 (0) 45-228-9860
FAX + 81 (0) 3-6730-1678
Overseas Business Department